The DO’s of Swimming

DO….Swim Regularly

Try to average about three swims a week so you will gain the exercise benefit, never lose your “feel” for the water, and maintain your technique.  If the option is between one or two long workouts or three or four shorter workouts, swimmers seem to do better when they swim more frequently as opposed to only doing a few longer workouts each week.

DO….Swim with good technique

Maintain the best possible technique during a workout. If you attempt to swim fast with poor technique, you will be wasting valuable energy. Good technique will help you become a more efficient swimmer, Over time myswimcoachonline will provide helpful hints and training drills that will help to improve your technique. Plus…..there is an old saying…..”be patient, a rock gets smoother as it rolls down the river.”

DO….Challenge yourself

Every workout will be designed to challenge you. But you will be the one who must put in the effort. Look for ways to challenge yourself within the structure of the workout. As you challenge yourself you will see progress and improvement. Every so often we will do “landmark” sets that will give you a chance to monitor your progress. These sets will motivate you for future workouts.

DO…..Follow the workout plan

There will be days in which the workout will emphasis different things. Some days will stress skills and other days will stress speed. Some days will be endurance oriented while other days will mix fitness drills in with the swimming. The value of is the variety of the produce you will be receiving.
DO….reduce resistance in the water

The best way to reduce resistance in the water is to stay as streamlined as you can. When you push off walls stretch your arms as far as you can out in front of you with your elbows straight and your hands on top of each other. When you swim always think about great posture. Reducing resistance in the water will lead to a more efficient swimming stroke.

DO….wear a swimsuit made for swim training

This doesn’t mean spend $200 on the suit the Olympians wear, but it does means…….. don’t wear baggy shorts if you are trying to improve your technique. Reducing resistance through your swimwear will help make your workouts more enjoyable.

DO….consider adding training equipment to your workouts.

Goggles are a must have in order to reduce eye irritation from the pool’s sterilization product.  Other training products will be introduced and explained on the site. has many partners that will help with your equipment needs.  Producte will always be optional and all workouts can be completed without additional training equipment, but you may find that there may be products that you will greatly benefit your training.

DO….find a training partner

Training with a myswimcoachonline workout will help motivate you. But a training partner or partners will also provide a great environment for you to enhance your training experience.