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Coach's Corner

What sets this site apart from others ?

This site is designed to be completely user friendly and is customized to provide workouts for ALL ability levels.    There are many sites with static content where you need to spend time FINDING a workout.  With this site…..there is nothing for you to do besides download your workout of the day and take it to […]

Can you tell me what is meant by ‘build’, ‘descend’ and ‘negative split’. In the main set, I have 4 x 50 or these with a 20 sec. rest interval.

Of course ……. “build”….”descend”….and “negative split” all have similar meanings. “Build” typically refers to the energy or effort you put into the set. The amount of energy or effort “builds” throughout the set.  Example on a set of 4×50 on :20 rest.  #1=70% effort.   #2=80%.  #3=90%. #4=100% “Descend” refers to time.  The time you […]

I see that you have three levels of ability….How do I determine which ability level is right for me ?

There is a good source on our site titled ….What ability level an I ? Please refer to this or contact us and we would be glad to help you determine this. Good ‘ol trial and error could work also.

What does 10 x 100 on 1:00 rest mean ?

Workout sets will be listed by the number of times you will swim a certain distance (in this case 10) and the distance you will cover (in this case 100 yards/meters).  Since all workouts are based on a 25 yard/meter pool….and 1 lap will = 25 yards/meters…..when I say “100” it refers to 100 yards/meters which […]

I swim at a pool without a pace clock how should I determine my rest ?

If you swim at a pool without a pace clock, use number of breaths rather than number of seconds  to determine your rest   example   :15 rest = 15 breaths rest

What does “your choice stroke” mean

Typically there are four competitive strokes that will be used in our workouts.  Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.  It is OK to not be able to do all of the strokes.  When a set is listed as “your choice stroke” you can use any of the competitive strokes or any instructional stroke such as sidestroke or […]