What sets this site apart from others ?

This site is designed to be completely user friendly and is customized to provide workouts for ALL ability levels.    There are many sites with static content where you need to spend time FINDING a workout.  With this site…..there is nothing for you to do besides download your workout of the day and take it to the pool.    The workouts will challenge the advanced level swimmer and help develop the beginner.   Everything you need for a customized workout is completed for you and is set up to cover three different workout durations.    This is a virtual swim team and can be used as if you had your own personal swim coach.  Plus the instructional videos are professional screened….the blogs are very informative…..and, as a member, I am just an email contact away to answer questions and provide help.   Never “just” swim laps, when you can be provided a customized training plan and online support that will benefit you so much more.