never train alone again

The motto of this site enourages two things.  

1) Train with purpose and direction by arriving at the pool with a workout plan. 

2) Train, if possible, with a partner or partners that will encourage completion, bring out the best in you in regards to effort, and provide a safer training environment.

Swimming back and forth is fine and there are days when you may want to put on your snorkel, your swiMp3 player (both found at, and escape the outside world for an hour or so.   But the true benefit from training is going to come from following a training plan.   Some receive this benefit from joining a swim team and following a coached workout.   Others receive this by downloading customized workouts from and follow what is written.    Regardless, a specific workout plan and training with a partner or partners will typically enhance your training experience.   There have been many times that I went to the pool unfocused and if I were alone would have “talked myself out” of a good workout.   But my training partners pulled me through and made for a positive training day.  Plus…..the safety factor of swimming with others can not be stressed enough.   

Get your workouts from  …………..  get your training partner(s)  ……….  and go to the pool and enjoy.……never train alone again