Landmark Sets

One of the best ways to determine if you are making progress with your workouts is to complete a “landmark set” every so often.  This week we will include one of these sets.  A landmark set can be just about anything……but typically it is a set that will require maximum effort to be able to receive an accurate result.  This can be determined by your perceived effort or by using your heart rate as an indicator.   The set will usually take @ 20 – 30 minutes and will include a work to rest ratio of at least 1:1.    The set this month will include a set of 100’s.    What you need to do is track your time on each interval.   Keeping a mental, or better, a written note of your average time on the set will give you your goal time for when you next complete the set.   

Another “landmark set” we use is a timed swim for distance.  Typically we use a 20 or 30 minute straight swim.  During this set we will ask you to count the number of laps you are able to complete in the given amount of time.   The challenge will be to improve on your “number” (laps you are able to complete) each time you complete the swim. 

Both of these types of landmark swims will provide specific goals each time you attempt to complete the set.  These goals will, hopefully, provide feedback and motivation for your training.

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