Happy New “SWIM” Year

In the swimming community September 1st typically marks the beginning of the “new swim year”   Summer competitions and much needed vacations are over and it is time to get back into the pool.   Fitness swimmers seem to recommit at this time of the year.    The kids are back at school and morning, noon, and evening swimmers are getting back to their “normal” schedule.   The pools are crowded and everyone has a new outlook on what they want to accomplish. 

At myswimcoachonline we understands this and are tailoring our workouts this month toward laying a solid foundation to your swim fitness.    Our video component will be introduced and we will be looking at “good” video instruction drills that are provided on line.   Incorporate these drill when given the chance.    Trust me…….there is a lot of garbage out there so we wil help you find the videos that will really help you become a more efficient swimmer. 

If you want to get better and use your time more productively……..STOP  “just” lap swimming and JOIN the myswimcoachonline team and receive direction and struture to your swim time.   

Regardless of your ability………..myswimcoachonline.com will help you enjoy your swim time.   Remember……..with myswimcoachonline.com……….you will never train alone again.  

swim hard