Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any software to access workouts ?

NO is an internet based service that requires no software to install on your computer, our members can access our service from any web browser at anytime, anywhere in the world; and can be access as often as you like.

How are the workouts tailored to me? and how often are they updated?

You will never need to construct your own workout or pick and choose from static content. New workouts, at various durations (30 min., 60 min.,90 min.) and at three skills levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) are updated three times per week (M, W, F).

How is MySwimCoachOnline different … ?

No one likes to waste time and most people like to be directed by professionals in their workouts.   Fitness trainers are in high demand.   In regards to swim training, will take care of structuring your workouts for you.  The workouts that you will have access to at will provide variety and structure and will be based on sound exercise principles and involve a logical sequence of sets.  These workouts will be designed in a motivating manner that will seek to add excitement to your swim workouts.   They can be customized to fit your needs.  And all of this will be provided for a very low cost.

How many workouts of the day” are available


  • At the beginning level a 30 minute and 60 minute workout will be provided.  These are appropriate lengths for a beginner.
  • At the intermediate level a 60 minute workout will be provided.
  • At the advanced level 60 minute, and 90 minute workout will be provided.
  • All workout times are estimated and can be adjusted easily by adding or reducing recovery time or adding or reducing the number of intervals.   *Always maintain your warm-up and recovery sets

Will the workouts be easy to understand for non-competitive fitness swimmers ?

Yes. The site is designed for those who do not have complete access to a “coach led” workout. That means… swimmers who use their local pool at lunchtime, those who use the pool at the health club, or individuals who must train by themselves for a variety of reason are the focus of this site.  If you follow the glossary that is provided on the site and read the notes attached to the sets, anyone will be able to easily understand the terminology used to construct the workouts of the day.  If issues arise please contact us.

How much rest should I be taking in the workout?

There will be suggested rest intervals provided but we recommend that each swimmer take as much rest as needed. Part of your development as a swimmer, and a factor of your improved conditioning, will be determined by your ability to maintain the suggested rest intervals. Rest will be noted by time or by breaths. Example……….5 x 100 yard (4 laps) 20 seconds or 20 breaths rest between each 100. (use # of breaths if there is not pace clock available where you swim)

Is there a way to make my workouts specific to a particular event?

The workouts can be customized and will have options for the swimmer to choose a particular stroke within the structure of the workout. This is usually listed as “your choice” stroke. To add more variety and balance, use multiple strokes in your training.

Will I get a chance to monitor my improvement?

The workouts will include “landmark” sets from time to time that will give swimmers a chance to measure improved fitness and stroke efficiency.

How frequently should I swim?

It’s entirely up to you. All five workout options will be updated three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). They can be repeated or slightly adjusted if you wish to train each day.  We believe that “variety is the spice of life.”

I need some swimming advice. Can you help? is an online coaching resource.  In the future the site will have a component highlighting videos that should help improve stroke mechanics and swimming efficiency. In addition we will have a coaches corner section that will provide feedback to selected member questions. It is recommended that if a member needs additional help with swimming technique that they speak to the swim coach at your local pool. The coach should be able to advise then on how to improve their stroke based on their current swimming ability and their swimming objectives.

How do I adjust the workouts from yards to meters?

The manner that the workouts are designed will seamlessly convert from 25 yards pools to 25 meter pools to 50 meter pools. If you are training in a pool that is less than 25 yards convert according to the distance provided.
100  = 4 laps of a 25 yard / meter pool


100 = 2 laps of a 50 meter pool

*any other distance pool….simply adjust as you see fit.

I swim in an ‘endless pool’. Can you give me workouts?

You can use our workouts but you’ll want to break up the workout by time and not distance.  There is an estimated duration listed for each set.

Do you have a blog?

Yes. Our blog can be found at and we plan on adding videos that should help improve stroke mechanics and swimming efficiency.

I am a member but I’ve forgotten my Username or Password.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Go to our username/password recovery page.