Drill your way to better technique

It is said that a rock gets smoother as it rolls down a river.  Not wanting to compare well conditioned athlete to rocks, I do see how the saying applies to stroke mechanics in our sport.   Swimming efficiency is something that develops over time.    Throughout  my 45+ years involved in the sport , I have witnessed first hand the evolution of how coaches incorporate stroke drills into their workouts.   The more an athlete concentrates and maintains discipline when performing these drills,  the quicker they can become efficient in the water.    But it does take time.    The imagination of swim coaches, combined with an understanding of the bio mechanics of the swimming strokes,  have led to some wonderful drills.   With so many drills available online, sorting out the ones that are the most useful is an important role for coaches.    I have watched opposing athletes perform drills that I felt did more harm than good, but for whatever reason, their coach felt it was something that would benefit them.    At myswimcoachonline.comI will be posting a number of stroke videos that will, in my opinion, promote a more efficient stroke.   A good place in your workout to include drills is during the warm-up phase.   This is a good time to focus on your mechanics while you are preparing for the sets that will require more intense effort.    In my opinion, a “good” stroke drill is one that applies positively to what you do when you swim.  Most times a drill will isolate one aspect of the stroke or race and place specific focus on it.    As a swimmer, drills require great concentration or the effect that the drill is intended to provide will be lost.

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