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Video of the Week – the great freestyler……Ian Thorpe

this is a great video filled with slow motion and notes.  Enjoy *sorry about the music !!

Try an open water workout

This time of the year try taking your pool workout to an ocean, bay, or lake.   Open water swimming is fun, different, and just as good for you as a swimming pool workout.  Safety is always an issue so please make sure that you swim with a partner or partners, check conditions before you start, […]

Age provides no barriers

This morning I read how Janet Evans, the queen of distance swimming in the United States, has returned to competitive swimming with an eye toward the 2012 Olympic trials.  In her first meet, after reporting that she has been training for about six months, she established two world records for her age group (35-39).  She […]

Swim Training Etiquette…..when swimming in a group

Many MSCO members swim either on their own or in a small group.  Here are some good rules for you to consider when you are swimming as part of a workout group.   1.  Learn the names of the swimmers in your lane. 2.  Know (or ask) the speed of the people in your lane so […]

Landmark Sets

One of the best ways to determine if you are making progress with your workouts is to complete a “landmark set” every so often.  This week we will include one of these sets.  A landmark set can be just about anything……but typically it is a set that will require maximum effort to be able to receive […]

Variety is the spice of life…….and of your workouts

The workouts that you receive from MSCO will give you the chance to customize by using a variety of  strokes.  Freestyle is the stroke of choice for most swimmers, but when you include various competitive strokes in your training you will find that your sets will become more challenging. As an example……  If you are assigned a […]

Be ENGAGED in your workouts

Lap swimming can be therapeutic and can provide an escape from the world, but rarely does it provide significant improvement in regards to your swimming ability.  Swimming back and forth, mostly in your sub-aerobic or aerobic energy system will, in time, produce a fitness gain but following a training plan will always be better, and […]

The fifth competitive stroke

Underwater swimming has been around for many yards and those who are able to use this skill to their advantage can really benefit.   This weeks video shows just how effective it can be and why in competition it is limited to 15m off each wall.   In training ……coming off the wall with a strong underwater […]

Tis the season………to stay in the pool

November and December seem to be the most difficult months to maintain consistantcy in regards to your swim workouts.   The holidays….the weather…..the family….. there are many excuses that can derail your good intentions.  As members of myswimcoachonline the workouts you receivewill provide you with the motivation to remain consistant.    So let us help you with this time […]

never train alone again

The motto of this site enourages two things.   1) Train with purpose and direction by arriving at the pool with a workout plan.  2) Train, if possible, with a partner or partners that will encourage completion, bring out the best in you in regards to effort, and provide a safer training environment. Swimming back and […]