Approximate Workout Times / Distances

All workout time and distance information are estimates.
Please understand that we aim to meet the needs of a wide population of swimmers. If you are not able to complete the workouts in the estimated time frame it is OK. Simply make your own easy adjustments. As a member you can review workouts beforehand and determine your own modifications. If you cannot complete the workouts in the estimated time frame use that as a goal as you progress in our training plan. Also….If you are using the beginner workouts, set a goal of moving to the intermediate workout within a period of time. And….If you are using the intermediate workout, try an advanced workout and see how you do.

With over 30 years of coaching/teaching experience as a reference, the following distance guidelines will be used in the construction of the workouts at each level and at each workout time period

Workout distance guidelines:

Advanced(90min) @4500 yds/mts (+ or – 500yd/mt)
Advanced(60min) @3000 yds/mts (+ or – 500yd/mt)
Intermediate(60min) @2500 yds/mts (+ or – 300yd/mt)
Beginning(60min) @2000 yds/mts (+ or – 300yd/mt)
Beginning(30min) @1000 yds/mts (+ or – 200yd/mt)

All workouts will be written based on a 25 yard/meter pool. If you train in a 50 meter pool adjust the number of laps you swim to meet the written distance. If you train in an endless pool…use the time duration estimate for each of the sets.

Enjoy your Workouts